Current Oro Valley Weather at 9:20 PM on 5/5/015
Located near the corner of La Canada and Naranja in the Town of Oro Valley, Az.
Current Current Peak Today's High Trend 24 Hr
2.8 MPH SW 3.8 MPH 3.7 MPH -0.4 MPH/Hr - MPH
Current Today's High Today's Low Trend 24 Hr
-998.9 °F -98.9 °F 99.0 °F - °F/Hr - °F
Barometric Pressure
Current Today's High Today's Low Trend 24 Hr
29.90 inHg 29.92 inHg 29.84 inHg 0.05 inHg/Hr - inHg
Year to Date Since Midnight - Rate 24 Hr
-998.99 in - in - - in/Hr - in
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Oro Valley, Arizona, weather forecast
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